Welcome to GreenCloudFolding rental service
Our main goal is to increase the overall folding@home  power
We created a service specifically tailored to do just that



What are the goals? Fight diseases together with us 
Folding@home is a project focused on disease research. The problems we’re solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and we need your help to find the cures! 

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Good question: What is folding? 
Folding refers to the way human protein folds in the cells that make up your body. We rely on the proteins to keep us healthy and they assemble themselves by folding. But when they misfold, there can be serious consequences to a person’s health.

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What is the goal of this project: Folding efficiently
We offer efficient hardware to have the best possible Folding@home performance with the lowest cost possible.

Our main goals:
• Cover most of our electricity with solar power, so we do not generate waste.
• Not letting our servers idle. They will always fold keeping good faith in mind. 
• We have every capability to scale up this project as demand increases.


What is CureCoin? Its a cryptocurrency. 
CureCoin is a Bitcoin-like digital token designed to reward those who create computing power for the Folding@home. It uses decentralized blockchain technology to allow unlimited and nearly free transactions of Curecoins on the Curecoin network.

Our rentals are compatible for earning CureCoin from doing folding.

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What is vast.ai? It's a renting service 

Our servers are also listed at vast.ai, however it's much cheaper to just rent our folding service directly.

There are many cloud computing providers, each with their own idiosyncratic interfaces, naming conventions, and pricing systems, making direct comparisons more difficult and leading to vendor lock-in. Our search interface allows fair comparison of compute offers from all providers, large and small. You can save ~3x to 5x for many workloads by using peer providers running powerful but affordable consumer GPUs.

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About us 

We have many years of experience with F@H. We have been contributing folding power to the network, but not at a large enough scale. We would like to change that and increase overall folding power by providing the best value service. 

Our initiative started with good faith in mind. Our service is in an early stage and should be viewed like a "kickstarter" project without the need of an early fundraising. We have every possibility to scale up the project if we see demand.

Our office building has a vast amount of extra solar panels, so our service is green and efficient.

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What's the benefit of Cloud Folding?


No hassle

We setup everything for you. You just need to give us your F@H user data and we redirect our servers to fold for you. 


We use solar power and we also only fold on the latest hardware. There is no electricity wasted.


Our servers are specifically tailored to do F@H, so we don't need the expense of a datacenter. 


You don't need to worry about maintenance or hardware failure problems.


If you do F@H on your PC your room will eventually heat up. Your PC will be also under heavy use with full operation accelerating its degradation. 


Keep the distraction out of your life. Sleep easy at night without all that noise.

Our pricing is competitive in the renting space and we can scale up for larger demand in the future.
Receive a 5% discount if you fold for the CureCoin team.

We accept the following payments: 

 Bitcoin  Litecoin Curecoin
$59.9/ 50 Million points
(~7.5m PPD)
Free setup
95.9% Uptime
1 Week delivery
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
$199.9/ 200 million points 
(~15m PPD)
Free setup
95.9% Uptime
2 week delivery
60 Days Money Back Guarantee


Disclaimer: At the early stages only manual payments are possible via contacting us!

In case of crypto being profitable with folding we keep the rights to change pricing! Our service was not created for renters to expect profit!

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